MRO SHOW #21 TUE Jan. 16, 2007

We had an unannounced meetup – just because happened to be at the show location in Chief and online checking out “Second Talk”. Discussed virtual worlds and how they are inter-linking via online indicators and the like. Dedric explained his new product which is a skype online indicator. We discussed virtual worlds, open source and how in virtual worlds, you only get 5 minutes of fame, whereas in the Andy Warhol days you could get a whopping 15 minutes!  Again, very cool stuff to know about. Joined by newb Shane Kuri. born today. Subscribe to this blog now!
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MRO SHOW #20 MON. Jan. 15, 2007

Tonight: “corporate media + your media = 1 media?”

Tonight I discussed the odd sharing of space in SL between content creators and big media/corporations.
Maybe I’m the only one who cares. No one else seems to be bothered, so that’s good isn’t it? I’ll be able to explain more in print later. Do we have the same aims for a place like Second Life? Are we creating the same place together? Are we in the same game? For now this is my topic and question:
Zermit (shapeshifter and Lycan called in and chatted while changing into an amazing array of avatars during the hour. Great visual fun with stimulating ideas.

MRO movie review: Arthur and the Invisibles

006122726901_aa_scmzzzzzzz_v40389432_.jpg         arthur.jpg   Arthur and the Invisibles book on Amazon.

I actually went to see a movie. Usually I have to walk out of movies because they are too slow and too long.  This one is neither!
Looks like it was made in France 

I highly recommend this one. It’s a type of virtual world in which the character with the big white hair, Arthur,  becomes miniaturized and goes into a world of the “Minimoys”.  The Minimoys actually live in his back yard and live their own lives and that’s when Arthur encounters Princess Selenia. Together they go on a mission to defeat the villain Maltazard as voiced over by David Bowie.

This movie is charming all around and extremely funny.  The animation is very good and not “too real”.
It is also fast moving, it never slows down.  This is what I especially liked. 

This movie has great hairstyles.  Hairstyles are always important in a film, but this fact gets left out of most film reviews.
For Arthur and the Invisibles, looks like they know this and have even tied in a hair gel so you can get the looks from the movie!

whats_hotarthur.jpg  Buy the hair gel at

 Arthur and the Invisibles book on Amazon.

The site has it all:

This movie gets 5/5 oranges!





MRO SHOW #19 … Corporate media and U

Wed. Jan. 10, 2007

Tonight we discussed corporate media and U … yes that’s YOU who are creators in SL.  I’m asking questions regarding the collision of resident created environments and “big media” programming. Why do they care about virtual worlds?  What’s the threat?  Are we going to be able to get along?  Co-exist? or is there an inevitable conflict?   Afterparty with DJ Zermit. Thanks to Dedric Mauriac who phoned and chimed in. You will hear this topic expand in ’07 !!


Mon. Jan. 8, 2007

Tonight we discussed the opening of the Second Life source for the viewer/client.  On live was Dedric Mauriac and Darien Mason Sherrif of Steelhead.   Generally it seems the SL population has not had time to respond.  The modifications of the client seem to require a fair bit of programming ability. 

 Having been through the copybot thing, the fact that the response was very positive is a good sign.  However, this is day 1.  I’m also wary about anything that everyone hails as a great thing. There will be interesting days ahead, this is only the beginning.  Bring your experiences to share at the MR O SHOW!