Updated virtual world logo use

Well I went ahead and updated the logo references on a couple of sites to this virtual world into which I was born. Thank goodness I was careful from the start in using names and avoided using references to the world.

The clarification on the use is long overdue. The fansite kit had specific instructions to use the logo and now appears to be gone. I wish this had been clarified at the beginning. If there’s any issue I’ll just remove the reference in an effort to simplify my life. Now I’m all weird using the name at all so have been substituting “virtual world” instead, which is a lot of what has been going on for years anyway. For years there has been only one viable – exciting – easy (easier) to use virtual world that attracted millions of passionate users – and you all know the name.

To clamp down on the term is almost to admit that there are increasing choices in “virtual worlds” and that the name refers to only one such world. In the wake of the “grid” level developers though, maybe this is a way to disassociate what is done here with whatever they may be planning in those other grids. In that sense, I’m definitely for differentiation that protects us from confusion as to what might arise.

Going further, I’d say that the design of the interior of Second Life® could be trademarked as having “trade dress” in the look of the world. That in itself could be used to shut down the alternative “grids” that arise through reverse engineering (reference the post please if you run with the idea). But then again “open” is cool somehow as a model even if it means your product becomes a commodity. This world in particular is not suitable to be “open” at all in the way that other open projects may be intended to be.

I feel the pain of those who invested time and money in using the name in variations that seemed acceptable at the time. Not that I post much but in solidarity I’ll join the hiatus that is emerging.

To post this I thought I would return to the Welcome area, you know – return to my roots somehow. On arrival I suddenly got the “flying off into space” crash experience. Thank goodness this doesn’t happen inRL.
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Gaia Online May 5, 2008

Gaia Online May 5, 2008 at the Virtual World SIG.

” Extending Virtual Worlds:  Gaia Online”

Gaia Online is an online hangout and virtual world that has been busy over the past year bridging the connections between the “virtual” and the “real” world in very direct ways.

Gaia’s own internal market of rare and exclusive virtual items creates a thriving economy which operating as a backdrop for this youth-oriented world.  Gaia has attracted brand partnerships as diverse as Sony, Toyota, and World Wrestling Entertainment.  Recently they have added a cinema where your avatar can watch Warner Bros. and Sony Pictures films, and you can even buy prepaid cards redeemable for virtual items at your local Target store.

This year they have announced a plan to integrate an MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) into the mix, and in case you were wondering, yes, they also have a Bebo and Facebook apps. The world has a former Chairman of the U.S. Council of Economic Advisors on its economic board and is funded by Benchmark, Redpoint, and DAG Ventures.

We are pleased to have Joe Hyrkin, VP of of Sales & Business Development to present a rare look at this booming phenomenon. Come learn how this virtual world of 5 million users engages and extends the virtual experience into so many online and offline destinations.

I’m OrangeMontagne in Gaia if you should happen to be virtualizing over there!

See U May 5  and/or

at the RFL event on May 4 being set up by Dedric Mauriac.


San Francisco Olympic Torch Route

For those of you in SF…. Here’s the torch route for April 9 via Mercury News.com

“The Olympic Torch Relay Run will be held in San Francisco on Wednesday, April 9, starting at McCovey Cove. The Torch Relay Run will begin following a brief opening ceremony at McCovey Cove at 1:00 P.M. The route is as follows: McCovey Cove northbound to Third Street.
Third Street to the Embarcadero.
The Embarcadero to Jefferson Street.
Jefferson Street to Hyde Street.
Hyde Street to Beach Street.
Beach Street to Polk Street.
Polk Street to Bay Street.
Bay Street back to the Embarcadero.
The Embarcadero to Justin Herman Plaza for a concluding ceremony.
The route comprises a total of approximately six miles.

This route is subject to change as deemed necessary”

via Mercury News.com


Breaking News: Second Life ™ SIM price dropped to $1000. USD

Breaking news….real all about it…. Jack Linden reports: “For Q2 our Island pricing is changing. New islands will be USD$1000 and this change will go live upon the new Land Store being launched, so before the end of April.” Read all about it here: http://blog.secondlife.com/2008/04/07/quarterly-land-supply-and-island- pricing-update/ – MRO
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Virtual Worlds 2008 New York

I’ve been reading accounts of the NYC VW show and there are some interesting takes on the deluge of new worlds hitting the net.  Corey Ondrejka’s account is here: http://ondrejka.blogspot.com/2008/04/its-small-world-after-all.html
with a comment and link to this comic below by Tateru Nino which is really funny – “Whore of Brandercraft” lol.   Prokofy concludes that “There is no Metaverse“.  There’s more interesting quotes at  http://www.mixedrealities.com/?p=118

and the one that resonates is Corey Ondrejka’s insight that:  “The future is not a phalanx of walled garden, advertainment worlds constrained by short-term thinking“.

If that’s what is in the works by all these companies though…”Brandercrafts” then isn’t that the future happening? Well it is – and this is explained in the Metaverse Manifesto  as there will indeed be thousands and indeed unlimited worlds with varying characteristics.  Together they form the Metaverse but walled they are and walled they will stay – this is the nature of the Metaverse structure – the realities can rarely co-exist.  Fascinating discussion to carry on later!


Philip Rosedale at US House of Representatives: Subcommittee on Telecommunications

Philip Rosedale spoke at the US House of Representatives’ Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the Internet yesterday, April 1. I thought it was an April fools joke at first, but this is real.

Audio and video is here: http://energycommerce.house.gov/

Philip starts speaking at around 29:00 after an introduction. Almost the entire 90 minute meeting is focused on Second Life. A major score for Second Life in getting established as “the” virtual world. Dr. Larry Johnson of New Media Consortium likens Second Life to the opportunities that were brought about from settling the wild west, the rollout of electricity, television, and the internet itself.